Event Showcases:

     - To help showcase the regions talents, EBH Fitness Sports Division will provide individual showcase events in the following sports:  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball.

     - The intent of these showcases is to provide exposure for the regions talents.  As such, all showcase events will be certified events to allow college coaches from NCAA Division I and II levels to attend.  This will still allow for college coaches to attend from all levels of the NCAA, NAIA, and other levels of collegiate sports.

Event Video Services:

     - In order to futher help provide exposure to the regions talents, EBH Fitness Sports Division will provide the ability to all of our showcases and events to be streamed live over the internet to be seen and viewed by any college coach looking for talent.  

          - Event Streaming (Live and Post event)

          - Event Recording

Division Strategy:  

EBH Fitness Sports Division offers unique service opportunities for student athletes, high schools and event organizers.  We are a team of professionals driving by the desire to provide a vehicle for student athletes, high school athletics programs, and sporting events that enables the ability to place student athletes along a path of preparation that is most likely to result in the greatest of academic and athletic achievements.  We will accomplish this by providing professional, high quality college exposure events for student athletes along with event video services for high schools and event organizers.

The purpose of the Sports Division is to provide high quality, low cost college exposure opportunities for student athletes through showcases, and video services (recordings and live event streaming).

Or goal is to become the premiere college exposure event option locally and in the state of Texas.  To do this, we must be able to provide timely, accurate, quality college exposure events.  Additionally, we must provide professional, high quality video services for all events within the guidelines of all established contracts.


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