- Through our strategic partnership with Pathway2College, EBH Fitness Sports is able to offer the student athletes of the borderland a College Prep Program/Service that is proven, global, and produces results. This strategic partnership will allow our Sports Division to provide full service college prepatory and recruiting consulting.

     - This service will be offered in the following sports:  basketball (boys and girls), football, baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, tennis, swimming, track and field, cross country, and cheerleading

     - The service will focus on the total student/athlete:  academics, sports preparation, and college preparation.

Track 1 (6-8th Grade)

•     Initial Consultation

•     Construction and preparation of academic and athletic college profile (end of 8th grade year)

•     Professional photo for profile page ( in game uniform)

•     End of year updates

•     A full year of onsite academic & athletic monitoring

•     Online sports mentoring and camp advisory line up for

        upcoming sporting events

•     High School and AAU tracking of game data/stats each year.

•     End of year updates (end of 8th grade year update only)                                        $95 Yearly Membership

Track 2 (9th – 10th Grade)

•     $95 yearly membership

•     All Features of Track1

•     Conduct An On Court Athletic Prospect Evaluation

•     Custom Marketing Plan To Your Choice Of Colleges (Up to 10

        colleges of choice)

•     Pathway2College Prep Online College Profile Web Site

•     A Pre GPA, SAT, ACT College Qualification Review

•     Professional Still Photo Shot Display

•     Professional Designed Showcase Video

•     Scheduled Recruiting Calls, letters, a College Showcase

        Game Evaluation, and College Visits

•     Email & Phone Support                                                                                               $200 down, monthly payments -- $950 total

Track 3 (6th Sem. 11th Grade, & 7th Sem. 12th Grade)

•     $95 yearly membership fee

•     All Features of Track2                                                                                                 $950 lump sum payment

Last Minute Senior Express Package

•     $95 yearly membership fee

•     All Features of Track2                                                                                         $1200 lump sum payment

College Showcase Promotion

•     $95 yearly membership fee

•     Professional Still Photo Shot Display

•     Self Promotion (student athlete provides edited MP4 video --

        5 minute maximum length)

•     An Online Customized Athletic College Profile

•     Student athlete's contact Information                                                                       $550 plus video package

Are you ready to take back your athletic career, give us a call today.  (915) 243-7061 or (915) 227-4572.  

Visit the Pathway2College website and see how we can set you up for success.

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