The EBH Fitness Way

Our Belief:  

Personalized fitness training gives you an alternative to the mass market, impersonal approach to your fitness and health.  My intention is to provide you with a sound program that is specifically tailored to your needs now, and we'll amend it so that it grows with you as you progress and your needs change down the road.

Our 4 Pillars to your Success:

1) Nutrition

     Yes!  It does matter what you put into your body for fuel.

2) Cardiovascular Fitness

3) Resistence / Strength Training

     It's not true.  Resistance and strength training are not mindless unfocused activitities that are for "muscle heads" only!!!

4) Flexibility

     Stretching is a key component to reaching your overall health and fitness goals.



We offer affordable personal training session to our clients.  Our belief is that the more people that we can help, the better off the world will be.  To this end, to ensure that I offer you the best possible training, I've obtained the following certification:

     - Advanced Level Personal Trainer

     - Sports and Conditioning Specialist

     - Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Customer Testimonials

Mark Luna


Elsa has got me back on track. She definately is the right trainer for this middle aged man (was gonna say old)! She challenges me every time we meet and the hard work is really paying off. She is about to leave the area, but her impact on myself will be felt for years. The challenge will be to keep on going where she left off. Good luck Elsa in your new area up in Maryland.

Mison Fisher


Elsa is wonderful, she has made me realize I am capable of doing more than I thought I could. She has me doing new moves each week which I can incorporate into my workouts on my other days. I always leave sweaty and tired but feeling great! I'm seeing great results, thanks Elsa!

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